No Clothes

How many of us get that endless disappointment or sinking feeling when contemplating our wardrobe each morning? There is plenty there, there’s nothing wrong with any of it, the clothes fit, they even suit us, but they are uninspiring, boring, and inappropriate for the occasion or we simply don’t fancy wearing them. After years of delving through wardrobes I’ve come to realise that when we shop, we buy safe, tried and tested options as opposed to clothes which will fill certain needs. So when you stand in a shop and see a nice dress, do you ask yourself “do I need it?”, “where will I wear it?”, “what could I wear it with?”, “what else would I need to complete the outfit?” and finally “what role will it play?” or do you simply see it and then say “yes, that’s nice, I think I’ll have that!”

If you were to add up the cost of the content of your wardrobe at whatever budget you shop at, you will find that it is a sizeable investment. An investment which needs as much planning as your holiday, your next car purchase, or doing up your house. There are very few of us who would do any of that on a whim, but we would so often buy that t-shirt or dress on an impulse.
Take a step back and think about all those times in your life when you feel like you have nothing to wear and spend some time critically analysing what you do have in your wardrobe and what you wear it for. Once you have done this, create a long term strategic shopping list, as opposed to the “I have to go and buy this immediately” list. This act would go a long way to filling your wardrobe with clothes you not only want to wear, but ensure you have clothes for every occasion you need and therefore waste a lot less money.