Lessons from our teens

When I was a teenager, I spent endless hours blow drying my hair into Farrah Fawcett flickback curls. Lusting after my best friend’s platform heels that my mother vetoed, and feeling intimidated by fashion shops.

Now as a mum of a teenage daughter I have watched her take her first steps into the fashion world as she finds her own style and techniques that will pave the way for the rest of her life. I’ve watched her paint her face in a garish, clumsy first attempt and now watch her as she applies her makeup flawlessly and chooses her clothes in what appears to be a growing understanding of her own choices. We both know it’s a learning curve, and an ever evolving one and while I know I did this myself, I can’t help but be simply blown away by her mastery – learning all of these things from her own experience. She is learning, and taking enormous pleasure in what suits her, what doesn’t, and she’s putting all of these bits together to create the woman she will become.