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  • Today's Date: 28 Jun 2017

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    Daily Planetary Overview Daily Planetary Overview: Today

    If you feel like you can't catch your breath today, you're not alone. As Mercury conjuncts Mars, energies move with lightning speed - and it's not easy to get off this spinning fairground ride either. Be prepared to react quickly to changing events. There's no time to plan and plot and analyze - follow your gut instincts and move quickly, before you miss the opportunities this whirlwind of energy brings. Looking ahead, power struggles could turn nasty on Sunday, as Mars opposes Pluto. Stand your ground and stick to your principles. Integrity wins over raw power. If it's your birthday today, you're due for a rest after a very hectic few years. Tie up loose ends now, while the energies are strong, so that you can enjoy a break in peace.

    Daily Planetary Overview Daily Planetary Overview: Tomorrow

    There's just no talking sense to some people. As Mercury opposes Pluto, dogmatic opponents will stick to their arguments like glue, even in the face of overwhelming logic. Unless you want to waste your time over this, rise above the conflict and walk away. The cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn, may be reluctant to give up, fearing that it means they've "lost" - no, you haven't lost. You've won back your time. That will do, for now. Looking ahead, Monday's Scorpio Moon is a great time for emotional intimacy. It's also favorable for research, and for getting to the bottom of a complex issue. If it's your birthday today, don't back yourself into a corner. Saving face may be very important to you right now, but isn't it more important to simply move on?

    Daily Planetary Overview Daily Planetary Overview: Yesterday

    Today's energies are about selling a dream. As Mercury trines Neptune, many of us will feel inspired and energized, and it should be easy to persuade others to support our cause. For the mutable signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces - words are power, and can be used for great good today. All of us can imagine a better future right now, and what we can imagine, we can create. Look into the theories of cosmic ordering and positive visualization. Interesting, huh? Looking ahead, Chiron turns retrograde on July 1st. For the next few months, karmic lessons are easier to learn for all of us - pay attention to deja vu and weird coincidences. If it's your birthday today, consider what you can teach others. Not necessarily in the formal sense, but your experiences are valuable. Can you lead the way for someone else?

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